Contract Research Services

3DT Holdings (Drugs and Devices for Diagnostics and Therapeutics) is proud to offer custom-tailored contract research services, which integrate 3DT’s investigational expertise with biological, mechanical and computational resources to facilitate successful execution of client pre-clinical studies.

Key Focus Areas

Cardiovascular | Peripheral Vascular | Gastrointestinal | General surgery | Interventional | Medical Devices | Tissue Engineering | Drug Delivery | Anatomic Pathology and Histology

In Vivo and In Vitro
Research protocols
Model development
Feasibility studies
Safety and efficacy
Physician training


  • Two State-of-the-art surgical suites withwide-screen viewing displays
  • Anesthesia monitoring systems
    • Flat panel C-arm
    • IVUS
    • Trans-thoracic echocardiography
    • Trans-esophageal echocardiography
    • Peripheral vascular Doppler ultrasound

3DT Clinical Research Services

Pathology Core: Our Experimental Pathology and Immunopathology Laboratory (EPIL) has the experience and capabilities to perform histopathology and immunopathology determinations of different antigens in human and animal tissues. We have expertise using different immunopathology techniques like immunofluorescence and immunoperoxidase as well as the ability to perform single, double and triple-antibody techniques in human and animal tissues. Our staff has a vast experience using those techniques over a decade of clinical and basic research. The EPIL can perform high quality antigen determinations using frozen or paraffin-embedded tissues and complete the studies with accurate interpretations of the results. Our EPIL is led by Dr. Carlos Labarrere (board certified pathologist), who has a broad background in pathology and immunopathology. His career has been dedicated to understanding the role of inflammation, coagulation and cell activation in the development of atherosclerosis and atherosclerosis-like lesions in pregnancy (atherosis) and transplantation (transplant coronary atherosclerosis). Dr. Labarrere developed pioneering studies and published in prestigious journals (NEJM, Lancet, JAMA, Circulation) for the detection of inflammation, coagulation and endothelial activation markers for placental atherosclerosis (atherosis) and transplant coronary atherosclerosis, both of which are transplant-associated forms of native atherosclerosis. His background and experiences extend to any solid organ pathology.

Computational Simulations: Our facilities include a world class computational lab with expertise in comutational fluid dynamics, finite element models, fluid-structure interaction, mass and heat transport, electrical and electromagnetic simulations as well as multiphysics simulations. Our computationalists and modelers have vast experience with device model creations and have published extensively in the field. Beyond our own leading edge hardware, we also have full access to a computational platform which has a peak performance of more than 40 teraflops, and has achieved more than 28 teraflops on numerical computations. This is a distributed shared-memory cluster, consisting of 1024 IBM JS21 Blades, each with two dual-core PowerPC 970 MP processors, 8GB of memory, and a PCI-X Myrinet 2000 adapter for high-bandwidth, low-latency MPI applications. In addition to local scratch disks, the compute nodes are connected via gigabit Ethernet to a 346TB GPFS file system, hosted on 16 IBM p505 Power5 systems.